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My Friends Vacation Rentals
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My Friends
Vacation Rentals
Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Read What Guests Have to Say... Actual Statements from Guests!

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When My Paradise Home on Fort Myers Beach is booked for the time period you are looking for, I will help you find other homes on Fort Myers Beach to rent for your vacation.
These homes are privately owned.
Friends of mine who also believe in renting a clean, working, vacation rental is priority one when it comes to renting.

Ask Dennis about his new properties in

Fort Myers Beach 
Fort Myers 
Cape Coral
New Port Richey 
Miami  and  Pennsylvania
Call Dennis
(631) 737-0944

One of many beautiful sunsets you will see.
I took this one myself with a simple 35mm camera.

I Have Negotiated With Every Property Owner To Save You Money

 @ My Friends Vacation Rentals


My Friends Vacation Rentals

Dennis' House 2/2 Weekly Rental Sleeps 4
Click for More Pictures of Dennis' House

David's Condo 2/2 & 1/1 Weekly Rental (10 Units)
Click for More Pictures of David's Condo

Steve's House 3/2 Weekly Rental Sleeps 8
Click for More Pictures of Steve's House

Judy's Condo 2/2 Weekly Rental Sleeps 6
Click for More Pictures of Judy's Condo

Jeanie's Condo 2/2 Monthly Rental Sleeps 6
Click Here for More Pictures of Jeanie's Condo

Tory's Condo 2/2 Monthly Rental Sleeps 6
Click for More Pictures of Tory's Condo

Brian's Condo 1/1 Weekly Rental Sleeps 4
Click Here for More Pictures of Brian's Condo

Gertrude's Condo 1/1 Weekly Rental Sleeps 4
Click for more pictures of Gertrude's Condo

All My Friends Vacation Rentals are privately owned by people just like You and Me.
At time of booking a nonrefundable facilitator fee will be collected by Dennis. Property owners or management/realty companies will deal directly with the guest and may request a reservation deposit and/or security/damage deposit after referral from My Friends Vacation Rentals. At times the name of the property, community and/or building are changed or omitted to protect the property owners and their families. 
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