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My Friends Vacation Rentals
Testimonials From Guests
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Testimonials From Guests

I would please like to ask all guests that have stayed at one of My Friends Vacation Rentals to send me an email about their vacation on Fort Myers Beach or Fort Myers. Thank You for sharing your experience with us all.  Sincerely yours, Dennis



Thanks for making it so easy to book. We will be sure to come back again but this time we want to stay longer!!! Thanks again, everything was clean and wonderful. The view was great and my 1 year old loved the sand and the water. We will call you next year!!!


The Schnorr's



Hi Dennis,

I don't think we could have asked for a much better location - we had a corner unit with amazing uninterrupted views of the beach (with free dolphins thrown in!), Sanibel Island in the distance and miles and miles of ocean. The sunsets were even more beautiful than we remembered! Our friends (whose first time it was in Florida) we very impressed by it all and at such a great price!

The apartment had obviously just been refurbished, the beds were comfy and the amenities were all we could have asked for.


A favorite haunt is The Beachside Bar & Grill right next to the pier at Fort Myers Beach. It has good food and live music. We also enjoyed the Hungry Pelican that is part of the Pink Shell Resort complex overlooking Matanzas Bay.

We had a great holiday and as always, the people of Fort Myers Beach made us most welcome.

Thanks again and hopefully we are in Florida again next summer and I am sure we will ask for your help again.

Best regards
Nadia and Robert



I wanted to  write you and tell you that our stay in Ft. Myers Beach was awesome.  Judy's Condo was perfect for us.  It was tastefully decorated and
made us free right at home.  The view was great and the sunsets were spectacular!!  The pool was the best thing on those hot August days. I can't say enough about Judy's Condo.  It was located away from the tourists spots and has a quiet private beach.  The lanai was perfect for morning breakfasts or just enjoying the night looking out over the Gulf. There were shops within walking distance and having the kitchen made it nice to have a few meals in the unit. We will be sure to work with you and Janet again the next time we get the chance to go down there. For anyone looking to unwind and enjoy a very clean condo with a great view, Judy's Condo is the place for you.

Thanks again Dennis !!
Bryan Hendrix



Hi Dennis,

Did we have a good time at Steve's House? No, we did not. We had a "WONDERFUL TIME". What did we do? We walked every day on the beach, ate fresh seafood, watched the sunset, shopped at Flea Masters, visited old friends & relatives, went sightseeing & shelling, visited Time Square, met people from home & from all over the country, read, listened to music and just plain enjoyed ourselves. OH, and did I mention, the warm, dry weather? It was great. No snow or ice. This year we plan to do more sight seeing & other activities.


We were impressed when we arrived at the house & saw how clean, bright & nice it was.

You never know what you will find when you rent a place sight unseen, but we were very pleased with it. After meeting Steve and his wife (yes, they were going through Ft. Myers & stopped by: They found us at the beach) we knew why the house was a warm & friendly place. In case you didn't pick up on it, we are spending the month of Feb. 2004 there.


I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Dennis thanks again for your helping in finding Steve's House for us.


Mary Jane 




Hi Dennis

Sorry not to get back to you before now. We found Steve's House to be nice and very comfortable. We enjoyed our stay and would like to come back again this season. We found everything we needed in the house and were impressed with the cleanliness of everything. Also we received our deposit back promptly as you promised. Thank you.

Steve and Connie Owens


Hi Dennis,

We're fine...and we had a WONDERFUL time. Actually I did send you an email as soon as we got back. But it was a reply to your email about Chet's house, so maybe it got lost in cyberspace... Here's a copy of what I wrote:

First, I want to thank you for your help. I feel very fortunate to have found such a great place.This was our first visit to the Gulf Coast and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We will definitely be back and perhaps we'll have a chance to stay at one of your other friends' properties so we can experience another part of the island.

Thanks again for all your help.

I can't thank you enough...I've already passed your name and website along to some friends with the best of recommendations.

Take care,

Dear Dennis

     Thank you very much for letting us rent Judy's lovely condo.    We arrived back in the UK last night after having a wonderful time on Fort Myers Beach and the surrounding area.  We did not want to leave and wished we had booked for three weeks.  We did quite a lot of traveling and visited the Everglades, Busch Gardens at Tampa, The Keys and Miami.
     The wildlife that we saw was especially wonderful and I have just taken my photographs in for developing today, so I expect to have 120 photos of water where I have tried to snap dolphins, manatees and various different species of birds!!
     Thank you for all your help in arranging this rental - if the standard of all your condos is like Judy's Condo I am sure you make holidays very special for a lot of people.

Thank you once again, Maureen
Dear Dennis, 
I just wanted to take the time and write you on what a great time I had this 
passed February.  I especially loved the screened in terrace, which over looked he beautiful water. I was on that terrace every night capturing the gorgeous sunsets with my boyfriend. I couldn't have asked for a more romantic setting. I found the condo itself to be very spacious and comfortable and thought it was great having everything within walking distance. The restaurants were all wonderful and I loved how the beach was so nearby. We also went to Captiva Island and Sanibel Island, which were just as wonderful.

Thank you so much for making our stay a memorable one.

Sincerely,  Diana Eusanio

Dear Dennis,

Working with you was a dream.  Thanks for making our Florida vacation just ...perfect.  We surely know that should we be coming your way, we will call you!  Also, I referred you everywhere I could..and used all your business cards.  Hopefully, you will get bookings from well as our travel agent, Nancy Rhoads.  Nancy books over 18 baseball teams into the college tournaments in Fort Myers-- parents wishing to stay at the beach should call you.

So where to begin?  Spacious, comfortable, and one simply cannot beat the view from the living room and lanai.  Our condo was on the 3rd floor and next to the corner unit -- the corner would have been awesome, but hey.  The location, however, was the cats meow.  We were traveling to and from baseball games in Fort Myers, so we were thankful for the less trafficked north end of the island.  A few parent friends joined us at the beach -- renting the chairs/umbrellas worked great.  And the team was dropped off at Times Square for lunch and a beach day -- so they walked down to our "beachhead", played volleyball, football, and that night I orchestrated a little barbeque for 36 people at Bowditch Point at the islands north end.  Simply fare, grilled burgers, turkey burger, Nathans dogs, potato salad, a touch of bruschetta, freedom brie cheese with roasted peppers, olives, cashews, and salads with fresh vegetables, beautiful tomatoes and vinaigrette.  Homemade cookies for desert.  All of this was walking distance from our condo.

My mother wants to come down in the off-season.  She was simply awestruck by the beauty. I think she'd be perfect at your house. We drove by on the way to Lovers Key or the condo. I'll be organizing. 

Dennis, what fun we had.  Thanks ever for all your help.  Keep us posted on your mailings. Hopefully we can meet one day.  My best to your family.  Send recipes.


Most Sincerely, Barri Klingaman


Dear Dennis,

The week my family had at Steve's House was the best! The accommodations were perfect for our family of 6. The laundry facilities were very important! The house was spotless when we arrived and we loved the comfort of everything there. While in Fort Myers Beach we spent most of the time at the beach and came home with lots of seashells. Our kids bought a boogie board and were addicted to the waves! One afternoon we rented jet skis and one afternoon we took the kids parasailing from the stand that was down the beach a little bit. We also went out on Captain Tony's Fishing Boat for the day, and caught a TON of Fish!! We froze them and brought them back to Wisconsin. This was located just across the bridge. Thank You for the wonderful memories that my family made while in Fort Myers Beach, we will definitely contact you if we ever come back to the area.


Kathy from Wisconsin


Hi Dennis,
I just wanted to let you know we were very pleased with everything!  The condo was quite nice, and decorated very nicely!  I loved the fact that it was very bright and cheery, and clean!  Having two bathrooms was a big plus, and the washer/dryer were great to have! 

I absolutely loved the balcony!  The beach was very nice also.  The first few days we had to deal with the "red tide" but that is nobody's fault.......just mother nature.  The last few days we found out how beautiful the beach really is!  The sand was powdery white and soft.  The breezes were soft, the air warm, and the sun great.  The "nature" park at the end of the beach (very close) was very cool.  I actually walked through it myself and saw a huge read headed woodpecker (about 14" tall) and got to watch it for a while.  Too bad I didn't bring my camera. 

Just as a side note (for future guests in the area).... if you want to definitely see dolphins (without going on a dolphin cruise....or being in the right place at the right time) drive to Sanibel Island (about 10 or 15 minutes away) and go over the causeway.  Just as soon as you get over the causeway onto the island, make an immediate right into a small "park."  You will have to pay $2.00 for parking.  Walk down by the beach (next to the causeway) and wait.  The best time to go is between 10am and 12 .  We went (for the second time.......) and there were probably 50 or more dolphins swimming and playing while we were there.  Also, if you watch while your driving over the causeway, you will probably spot some too.  While we were at Fort Myers Beach there were a bunch that swam bye.......but we were up in the condo having breakfast...yum!

The shopping area (just down the street) is also great.  We ate at lot's of great restaurants, and had a lot of fun. 

Thanks Dennis... we will be back... Kris.

Hi Dennis,

We had a great time in Fort Myers Beach.  There were 3 couples sharing Steve's House and the accommodations were perfect. The house was in perfect condition.  Clean, recently updated appliances and the location was ideal. Quiet street, beach 1 block away and bay 1 block away.  We were in Ft. Myers for the Gene Cusic College Softball Cassic, so we spent most of out time watching our daughter's softball games. When we did have free time we spent it at the beach or at some of the local restaurants.
We will definitely contact you for accommodations the next time we will be in the Ft. Myers Beach area.
Thanks again,
Rick MacLennan

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